Services on Ephesians

Services on Ephesians

The Gospel and Mental Health

Over the next 7 weeks, these heart-felt messages will enable us to break the silence, reduce the stigma, and remind people that it is not a sin to be sick, and the church to become a place of refuge and hope for all those in pain:  physical, emotional and mental.

The Teacher

During this series we will be discussing sever labels/attribute of God who became man and Savior—Jesus Christ—as we ask, Who Is Jesus?

Livin the Dream

What do we do when our dreams begin to die? How do we miss out on God’s multiplication? This week we will look at how to bring our dream focus together with God as we look at Livin’ the Dream.

Fill ‘r Up

In this last week of the series, we will look at the three Biblical baptisms culminating with what it means to be “filled with” the Holy Spirit. Join us for the message, Fill ‘r Up.

My Last Prayer

Scripture: Ephesians 1:16-19a In this 1-week standalone sermon, Pastor Jack looks at if he had one last prayer for those listening, what would it be. If you want to know his desire for every person and the if there was one last thing to say to you this is what it would be.

One For All

In week three of the series, One For All,  we look at what the Apostle Paul states as he focusses on the “oneness” of God & how he sent Jesus to save everyone.

Unstoppable Idiots

Scripture(s): Ephesians 4:11-13; Acts 4:13 The message of Christ has stood for centuries; yet, we live in a time where it’s easy to doubt so many things.  What will happen today?  What about the future?  So many questions and concerns are prevalent and seem to control so much of our lives.  Yet, if Christians and the church were to fully embraced our mission with confidence, the world we live in would literally be transformed. In this series we will see and hear…

I Believe, But I Don’t Know Him

In this first week of this series, we will look at how so many people believe in God, but really do not know Him. Come this week and get to reintroduced or introduced to God as we move away from being the UNChristian by delving into the statement, I Believe, But I Don’t Know Him.

Will at Work

Over the last several weeks we spoke about God’s Will in a form of discovery and experience of our lives. In week #4 of our series Going Deeper, we will look at the application in the different areas of the lives of individuals in different areas of life and how to go about doing the Will of God when His Will becomes our Desire as we get Going Deeper.

All In

Join us in the message series, Do Over. We conclude this series with a look at what it takes to be truly fired up and all in for the Lord as we get this “do over.”

Stand Out

As we look at Daniel’s life over the next few weeks, from being captured as a young boy, thrown into the lion’s den or the fiery furnace, we’ll see Daniel and his friends Stand for God. This week we will look how to Stand Out!


This week in the Apps for Life series we will focus on Anger. Anger is everywhere and in some fashion, with most people.
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