I Doubt Me

I Doubt Me

Scripture: Ephesians 2:10 (NLT)

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For many believers, we have been taught to believe in the Bible and its teachings without questioning; however, there are times in life when doubts creep in and we find ourselves struggling with questions that we may have been too afraid to ask. In this series, I Doubt It, we will intentionally make room for those questions and doubts, exploring the idea of doubt in our faith; and why it is not only okay to question, but also important for our spiritual growth. We will look at biblical stories where doubt played a significant role, such as Thomas’ doubt in the resurrection of Jesus. We will examine the reasons why we doubt, and learn how to approach our doubts with grace and understanding all while exploring ways to move forward in faith, even when we still have questions, using our doubts as a catalyst for a deeper relationship with God.

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