Services by Debbie DiVirgilio

Services by Debbie DiVirgilio

The Teacher

During this series we will be discussing sever labels/attribute of God who became man and Savior—Jesus Christ—as we ask, Who Is Jesus?


In this series we’ll look several of the “BIG DOGS” in the Bible, and how they lived in amazing ways, did incredible things for God. What if, in our life’s race, we could do on lap around the track with one of these BIG DOGS of faith and what would they say to us that could keep us going.

How Do I Raise Kids Today?

This six-week series covers a variety of topics that you wanted to hear most. So we tallied up the top six topics you wanted to know about and put them in 6-week this series, “You Wanted to Know.”

Finding Rest

In God’s design of humans, he created bodies that need rest,. He did not make rest a suggestion, he commanded it. But rest is not something we choose for ourselves. What are we missing out on as we choose not to rest? Join us this Sunday as we look at finding rest that draws us closer to God and makes us more productive. 

Plan For It

Everyone wants to be happy. But what makes us happy? And why is happiness easy to find, but hard to keep?  In this church-wide series and study, we will look at just these questions to discover our quest for happiness.

Burning Hearts

It is the Sunday after Easter, and the Resurrection of Jesus. How does his resurrection affect us and our relationship with him? What does the Resurrection change for each of us?Join us this Sunday as we look at Burning Hearts.

Stop Going to Church…

In this one-week message we will lovingly but boldly urge people to be the church. We will look at how we can be the church through serving, giving, and being connected with God and others.


Each of us is fighting a war that begins in our minds and some of us may feel like we are losing the battle. As Christians we have alternatives that are different than those for the rest of the world.


What we need is some Fresh Air into the doldrums of our getting into and meditating on the Word of God.  Join us for the message this week, Double-Edged & get back or (begin to) to fall in love with the Bible.

You might not finish this Sermon

In week two of the series, we look at our lives as a vapor, a mist. For many of us, we fill our lives with worry, anxiety and self-doubt. But, what if God has more in mind for each of us? Join us this week as we discover just what the purpose of life is and how to make the most of our time here on earth.

When You’re Not Happy With the Hand You’re Dealt

We’re all dealt a hand in life… that’s just how it is in life. Some of the “cards” in life are good and some not so good. So, how can you find hope – in the midst of disappointment. This week we’re going to look at the life of Joseph as an example to find Hope Rising When You’re Not Happy With the Hand You’re Dealt.
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