Services on Joshua

Services on Joshua


In this series we’ll look several of the “BIG DOGS” in the Bible, and how they lived in amazing ways, did incredible things for God.


This is our Fall Church-wide series where several small groups will be meeting and we would love to have you join in – join All In! What are you willing to go more all in for? We all go all in in certain areas, why not with God. Join this week as we wrap up the All In series with All In: Wholeheartedly.

A New Way to Pray

In this first week of this series, we will look at a Joshua and the amazing account of his prayer and what we can learn and embrace for ourselves A New Way to Pray.

Halfway Around

This mini-series with we will look at how when we Don’t Stop, God’s reveals His perfect promise and purpose in our lives.


In week 3 of the UnStuck series, we look at God’s plan for family realizing God does not want us to be stuck.