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3 hours ago
Scrambled Eggs

Life…an incredible journey filled with joy, wonder, happiness and so many other moments. Far too often with are so caught up with the goal of living life & racing to some ultimate arrival that we ... See more

4 hours ago
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We will stream live right here starting at 9:55 am. If attending in-person, please check-in by 9:45am.

Bulletin: https://bit.ly/3c31Qve
Donation: https://bit.ly/39HSRhc
Watch on your computer: ... See more

16 hours ago

Be sure to wish Pastor Hug Happy 45th Birthday!

2 days ago
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Tomorrow is National Oreo Day! What's the best way to eat an Oreo?

3 days ago
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There are so many bad things that want our attention. We have to fix our eyes on God’s goodness and we will see just how good God is!

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