Haven Community Church

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New Sermon Series: Living on the Prayer

We need Jesus Christ to teach us about prayer. The Lord invites us to pray . . . and even tells us how to do it!

The Lord’s Prayer is Jesus’ way of helping us with an intimate pattern of prayer for a lifetime in relationship with God and it was never meant to be a “special recited prayer.” In the message series, Living on the Prayer, we will journey through the Lord’s Prayer along with church-wide small groups (the Prayer Course) we will learn to grow and deepen in our prayer lives.

Church Wide Study

Even though we already started, it is not to late to join us!!

Journeying through the Lord’s Prayer, and accompanied by online videos from The Prayer Course, which has been used by more than a million people, it unpacks nine essential aspects of prayer: stillness, adoration, petition, intercession, perseverance, contemplation, listening, confession and spiritual authority.

Cecil County Pregnancy Center

This year, instead of supporting Cecil County Pregnancy Center through a Baby Bottle Drive, we are going to sponsor a Baby Shower to provide much needed supplies to families in need in our community. There are two ways to help.

Want to Donate?

We moved to a new on-line donation system, but continue to offer our historical systems (EasyTithe and PayPal). You may give online by clicking one of the buttons below.

You can learn more about the new donation system by clicking the “Learn More” button. There is a short video there as well to help you.

Thank you for answering the call to contribute to God’s work.

Daily Bible Reading

Remember, that when you are reading the bible, you are not just reading some stories, you are reading God’s word . . . God is speaking to you!

Other Ministries We Support

In addition to our own ministries, we support a number of other local and worldwide organizations.