Haven Community Church

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Haiti Mission Support

Ministry opportunities in this mountainous country are endless. Our mission trips focused on community evangelism & development, supporting a new church plant, and encouraging local teams as they strive to build sustainable ministries that make a long-term impact in communities across the country.

God has called Haven Community Church to the area of Gressier, about an hour North West of Port-au-prince. Pastor Hug Pierre, has heard God’s calling to start a church in the area. While he has been holding services in a tent on his property, we helped start the permanent building for classrooms to serve the many children. Though needs are many, education is one of the greatest in the community.

Nursing Home Mission Effort

The last few years have been challenging for all of us, even more so for the elderly and especially those who are residents of nursing homes & rehab centers in our area. To share the love of Christ with these people, Haven Helping Hands will be colleting both personal items and donations that can be used to purchase such items in the coming weeks. We will also be collecting personal notes to be distributed with the items, All donations must be finalized by Sunday March 5, 2023

New Series: I Have Pre-Decided

Another year down, another one facing you. You may not like the person you are and you may be concerned about the person you may become. But what if becoming the person you want to be starts well before the moment you make a decision? Before you eat that, or before you yell at them, before you make that move, take that job, or react that way. The decisions to say I Have Pre-Decided… can help you live the life you really want if we look ahead and live by God’s ways.

Disciple Fast Track

DISCIPLE FAST TRACK is a program of disciplined study of the Bible for busy people. The study started October 11th , but you can still join, and gives the Old and New Testaments equal time, emphasizing the wholeness of the Bible as a revelation of God. DISCIPLE draws upon the work of scholars, the personal Bible reading and study of the participant, and dynamic group discussion to aid understanding of the Bible.

Our Wednesday Morning Small Group will parallel the Tuesday evening DISCIPLE FAST TRACK.

Questions? Contact Ron Frederick at growth@havencc.org

Grieving the Loss of Someone close to you?

Your life has changed forever. The daily emotions and challenges can seem too hard to bear, particularly during the current pandemic? GriefShare experts offer helpful insights on how to cope with current social restrictions and anxieties, and what Scriptures to turn to for guidance during this 13 week series starting January 9th.

Join us anytime at 6:30pm via Zoom or in-person.

Wednesday Evening Bible Study

We have finished our last study for 2022 and will be returning in early 2023! Look here soon for our next start date! Meanwhile, we pray everyone has a joyous and blessed holiday season! Questions – See Wes Hewitt or email growth@havencc.org for more information.

Sunday School Registration

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Daily Bible Reading

Remember, that when you are reading the bible, you are not just reading some stories, you are reading God’s word . . . God is speaking to you!

Other Ministries We Support

In addition to our own ministries, we support a number of other local and worldwide organizations.