Current Series Titles

Current Series Titles

Series:  I Choose… A Better Way


I have heard it said that life is a series of choices.  We tell our children to make “good choices” and avoid “bad choices” as they will stick with us a long time.  Yet, sometimes when we make good decisions, live good lives, seek God, it feels like nothing is working. We can do all the right things, check all the boxes, but life seems to stay the same or even get worse. When what we do isn’t making a difference, how can we find the life we desire for? In this series, I Choose…A Better Way, we will look to do just that.




August 29, 2021 To Like Who I See in the Mirror John 14: 1-6
September 5, 2021 What’s Important Instead of Busyness Matthew 11:28-30 (MSG)
September 12, 2021 Purpose Instead of Pain James 1:2-4
September 19, 2021 My Best Days Are Now John 2:8-10

Service Videos

Once the series starts you can click here to see services already held in this series. Until then this link will take you to services from our previous series.

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