Current Series Titles

Current Series Titles

Series: Hello, My Name is God



Names are so important.  We spend so much time time picking the “perfect” name for children, pets, cars, etc.  What’s in a name? Just about everything. When we learn someone’s name or even have nicknames it conveys that we learn who they really are, not just who we imagine them to be.  The Christian life is not just about knowing about God but knowing Him – who He really is.  In our series, Hello, My Name is God, we are going to take 5 weeks looking at just a few of the names of God, in order to know Him as He truly is through knowing His names.


November 6, 2022 Yahweh Exodus 3:14-15; 33:19; 34:5-7
November 13, 2022 El-Elyon Genesis 14:18-20
November 20, 2022 Jehovah – Rapha Exodus 15:23-27
November 27, 2022 Jehovah – Jireh Genesis 22:1-18
December 4, 2022 Jehovah – Roi Psalms 23

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