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This Week’s Service

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Sermon Series: Untieable: What Would Jesus Undo?
Sermon Title: Wash the Dishes!
Scripture: Matthew 23:23-28, 33 (NIV)


September 23, 2018
In life, we tie ourselves in knots going through the motions to meet the world’s expectations. But we were created for so much more than that. Just think about, if Jesus was editing your life what areas do you think Jesus would undo.  Jesus shook up anyone whose faith was lukewarm, He brought hope to the broken, the lost, and those tangled in sin by showing them what true worship could be.  In this Untieable series, we will look beyond the simplistic mindset of what it means to follow Christ, and open ourselves up to discover the knots in our lives that Jesus wants to undo, so that we can live an authentic, untieable faith.
It’s hard to like someone who says one thing but does another? Jesus wasn’t a fan of them either.  He called individuals like this hypocrites. When we do this, we have to take a good look at the cost of living a lie—and Jesus would always call people out on it. This week we will look at the areas where we need to “untie” the hypocrisy in our lives in the message, Wash the Dishes!


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