Services on James

Services on James

What’s God’s Plan for my Life

This six-week series covers a variety of topics that you wanted to hear most. So we tallied up the top six topics you wanted to know about and put them in 6-week this series, “You Wanted to Know.”


This week we will look at how No Thing in life can make you happy it is about relationship.

UnUsual Conflict

In week #4 we will look at something that occurs in every relationship.  No matter how good the relationship is, the result is that there will be conflict.  The world says there is a usual way of conflict and God tells us there’s another way.  Join us this week as we seek a way of UnUsual Conflict.


In week we will focus on the #3 habit as the challenge of habit centers on keeping a life in alignment with the call God places on your life.  Join us this week for #3.

You might not finish this Sermon

In week two of the series, we look at our lives as a vapor, a mist. For many of us, we fill our lives with worry, anxiety and self-doubt. But, what if God has more in mind for each of us? Join us this week as we discover just what the purpose of life is and how to make the most of our time here on earth.

Learn Humbly

There is no way you can live the one month to live lifestyle without God’s power. How do you tap into the power? It’s the moments I learn humbly that God fills me with His power. This week in OMTL series, the message will focus us on our third principle as we Learn Humbly.

Better is Patience

As we conclude our Better series, we look at one of the areas where so many of us are not even settling for good at: Patience. Even so, what we learn is that the Word of God reveals to us, Better is Patience.

Your Words

During this series, we will learn how to purposely embrace in Small Things, for BIG Change. Small Things BIG Change. This week, Your Words.

Apps for Life

James 1:22-25 Apps, they are everywhere, billions of downloads for our phones, computers, tablets, etc. Wouldn’t be neat if we could just download apps that help us deal with those areas of life we don’t like or feel are consistent with our life’s journey? Well, the Bible contains numerous apps to help us navigate throughout life. Join us for the next several weeks in this series, as we download the right apps to make life complete.
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