Services on Exodus

Services on Exodus

Wonder-ful Bread

  In the message series, Living on the Prayer, we will journey through the Lord’s Prayer along with church-wide small groups (the Prayer Course) we will learn to grow and deepen in our prayer lives.

The Forgiveness of Sins

In the message series, Creed: Knowing Fully What We Believe In, over the next 10 weeks, we will talking about each line of the ancient creed of faith, the Apostles’ Creed.


In this series we’ll look several of the “BIG DOGS” in the Bible, and how they lived in amazing ways, did incredible things for God. What if, in our life’s race, we could do on lap around the track with one of these BIG DOGS of faith and what would they say to us that could keep us going.

Let’s Feast

The table is not just a place to eat but rather a place where discipleship and growth can take place. Around the table, we find a place for more than food. We can discover discipleship, relationship, outreach, healthy lives, remembrance, place to be thankful – so important and now more than ever we need to be committed to it.

Burning Encounters

In week #2 of the series, we will take a look at Moses and his burning bush close encounter as we look at this even we will look at what obstacles we need to overcome in order to truly have a “close encounter” with the living God.

Close Wrasslin’

Scripture(s): Exodus 33:11 (NIV) 2 Corinthians 3:16-18 (MSG) In this new series we were playing look at God, not from a far off Lord in the sky but close up real close up.  Honestly, that what we learn. God desires for us to encounter Him closely ourselves not in some connection through others.  Get ready for some Close Encounters of the best kind.

When the Speed of Life is Out of Control

We love to go fast. From the earliest days, “Daddy, go faster!” To the early 20s of “putting the pedal to the metal” zooming down the road. Often our lives do exactly the same as we go fast faster, and fastest. In week #3, we will look at how in order to have hope rising we need to discover why we go so fast heading for a crash in life.

Rockin’ Around

But what about hearing the voice of the one who began all of this by sending His Son, Jesus, who set all this in motion. For the next several weeks lets look at those sounds from God that we may be missing all year long.


Exodus 20:8-10 Run, run, run, rush, hurry, quick, run, rush, hurry…. It goes on and on and on. Remember the commercial for Calgon? “Calgon, take me away!” Well, not many of us have Calgon moments in our lives. According to the a study by the Bureau of Labor statistics released in 2010, in 1999, more than 25 million Americans – 20.5 % of the total workforce – reported that they worked at least 49 hours a week, and 11 million…

In Your Hands

This week we will talk about God’s hand being on the ministry of Haven Church & how that which is in our hands can be used for God’s purpose.
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