Services on John

Services on John


We focus on it being a genre of a playlist, a type of song, a style of worship (contemporary and traditional). Jesus said that a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth. If that is what God desires, what does it mean to be a true worshiper?

Are You Even Listening?

  In the message series, Living on the Prayer, we will journey through the Lord’s Prayer along with church-wide small groups (the Prayer Course) we will learn to grow and deepen in our prayer lives.

X Marks the Spot

In the message series, Creed: Knowing Fully What We Believe In, over the next 10 weeks, we will talking about each line of the ancient creed of faith, the Apostles’ Creed.

My Best Days Are Now

When what we do isn’t making a difference, how can we find the life we desire for? In this series, I Choose…A Better Way, we will look to do just that.

Death Is Never Final

In the message series, Miracles, we will look at some of the great miracles of Jesus to have growth and faith as we see that God is still working miracles today.

Hide and Seek

God never meant for us to have a distant or impersonal connection with Him.  From the beginning God always intended for us to encounter Him for ourselves, intimately, rather than through ritual, practices or even other people.


As we look around at a very divided world and so many people are hurting, What do we do as the church (The Body of Christ)? Where do we even begin in this confusing and broken culture? In this one week message, we will look at how we can embrace the calling God desires for the church in order to bring restoration, healing, and unity so we can become, unDivided.

My Shepherd

During this series we will be discussing sever labels/attribute of God who became man and Savior—Jesus Christ—as we ask, Who Is Jesus?