Services on John (Page 2)

Services on John (Page 2)

The Miracle Man

During this series we will be discussing sever labels/attribute of God who became man and Savior—Jesus Christ—as we ask, Who Is Jesus?

It’s My Pleasure

When we learn how to prioritize happiness over pleasure, we can have both.  However, if we reverse it, we will have neither.  Connect this week as we look at It’s My Pleasure.

Peace With God

Everyone wants to be happy. But what makes us happy? And why is happiness easy to find, but hard to keep?  In this church-wide series and study, we will look at just these questions to discover our quest for happiness.  This week we will look at how we need to come to a point of Peace With God.

It Is Finished

There are times in the midst our our bad days where we struggle to make sense at all of what God is doing or if the storms will ever end.  Yet, this we can embrace,  there is purpose and and end. In week #5 of the series, we look at It Is Finished

I Am Thirsty

Often when we are in the midst of a bad day or struggle, we often feel so alone and even isolate ourselves from others.  In our bad days and moment of challenge in life we often are not real about out needs for a number of reasons. How can we learn to be real in our bad days. In week #4 of the series, we look at I Am Thirsty.

Holding On To It

We’ve heard some great things about God’s Word.  How can we hold on to it and hold on to Him by doing so?  That’s what we talk about this last week of the series.

Built ON IT

That the Bible itself was written by believers, inspired and God-breathed through the Holy Spirit. If we believe that, why don’t we embrace The Written Word all the more. In this series we will stir up a desire for God’s Word to bring life changing power to your life.

Let’s Feast

The table is not just a place to eat but rather a place where discipleship and growth can take place. Around the table, we find a place for more than food. We can discover discipleship, relationship, outreach, healthy lives, remembrance, place to be thankful – so important and now more than ever we need to be committed to it.

Summer In-joyment

We’ve been through celebrations of New Year, Easter, graduations, maybe even birthdays, and here we are at Summertime. In this message, we want to look at how God wants us to enjoy life; yet, you may have found yourself in a season of anything but that. So we want look at how we can all restore the joy of the Lord into our lives in the message, Summer In-joyment.

UnUsual Influence

In week #5 we want to look at what out past relationships do to our future ones.  We need to be careful or our hurts and actions can lead us to lose our influence.  Join in this week as we step away from the usual to experience UnUsual Influence.

UnUsual Commitment

In week #2 we will look at what it takes to take commitment out of the warped definition the world provides and see what God thinks.

UnUsual Love

SCRIPTURE: Romans 12:1-2 (MSG); John 3:16 (KJV) How are your relationships?  Do your relationships just seem to be more of the “same old same old.”  Do you desire  to have relationships in your life that look a be different than “the usual” one that seem to be all around you?  Regardless of the point you are in life, whether you are have been in a relationship for years, are in a brand new one, going through broken relationships, or believe you…