Services on John (Page 3)

Services on John (Page 3)

When You’re in Love…It’s Crazy

As we journey through this series, I hope that you are challenged in the core areas of our faith as we delve deeper into what it means to be a follower of Jesus who is “crazy in love” with God and may it resonate with you, forever.  This week we kick off our introduction to the series with the message, “When You’re in Love…It’s Crazy”

Preparing the Connector

There are so many times we cannot see or hear what God is doing or even see God at all due to all the noise and interference of life.  In this series we will find out how to tune out distractions in life and see & hear God more clearly.

My Encounter

In week #4 of the series, we will take a look at the close encounter of Jesus and Nicodemus as Matthew Northwood will be with us sharing how Nicodemus’ encounter and our encounter with Jesus are life-changing while we must also beware of the truth we can miss in the midst of the encounter.

Christmas Expressed

This week is our Children’s Christmas Program. The kids have been really working on it so come out to support them. This will be followed by a brief message called, Christmas Expressed, by Jack Cohen. All of these will set the celebration of Christmas in the correct context and really have us ready for Christ to move in our hearts this season.

Home Cookin’

Thanksgiving for many is one of the best holidays.  Just think about it, turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, etc.  It is so awesome!!!  Now when we look at our lives, events high and low always seem to be surrounded by food.  In this week’s sermon, we will look at how the idea of “food reflects a God’s grace.”

How Can I Hear God’s Voice?

In week one, we will ask the question:  How Can I Hear God’s Voice?  Have you heard people say that “God told me this” or “God say that”?  Have you ever wondered how they heard God or if they even heard God at all.  In this message we will look at how we can hear God’s voice.

Follow Me

Pastor Andy Stanley says: “Jesus didn’t give us a rule book. Instead, He said, “Follow Me.” That statement is so true and we believe it wholeheartedly, but how can we do that most faithfully? Join us this week at Rev. Conrad Cohen shares how we respond to Jesus’ call saying, “Follow Me.”

Radical Urgency

In week 4 of the Radical message series, we will look at some of the biggest challenges to commitment to radical urgency for the church, and how God calls us to kick it up a notch.

Be Real

In the series, Be Awkward, we will look at how we can become more confident in sharing our faith as we continue to Be Awkward.   In week 2 we will look at one of the biggest challenges to sharing our faith if we just learn to Be Real.

I Am the Vine

What is it about fruit?  Have you ever had fruit when it’s not ripe?  What about when it’s too ripe?  What about if it is just plain rotten?  I think we all agree, fruit is good when it’s just right.  How can we bear the fruit of the Spirit in our lives to be just right?  When we are connected to God through the Holy Spirit — the Vine.   On the last  week  of the series:  I Am Jesus, we will understand how important it is to remain in Jesus so we can bear fruit.

I AM the Light of the World

On the third week of the series: I Am Jesus, we will begin to understand Jesus as he says “I Am the the Light of the World.” In him we will learn how His love overcomes the dark areas of our life.