Services on John (Page 5)

Services on John (Page 5)

Bringing Me Down

In week #3 of Overcoming the Gap, we will look at how when we do not match up to the expectations of others. They expect one thing and we do something else. More importantly, what do we do when others expectations get in the way of what Christ is calling us to do or to be?

Who and What is the Holy Spirit

For the next several weeks, we will be looking at many of those questions in our new sermon series: fAQ: frequently Asked Questions. With this week being a celebration of Pentecost, we begin this week with fAQ: Who and what is the Holy Spirit?

Water to Wine

John 2:1-11 The world is full of change & that can often be a trying time. Jesus first recorded miracle at the wedding of Cana was exactly that, one of changing – water into wine. What can we learn from this unusual account about how our lives change & are shape in to something with incredible value when Jesus acts in our lives.

Stirred Up

This week in the Refreshed sermon series, we will look at how what stirs us up and how God can stir us up even if we do not “feel” like it and begin to understand what it means to live beyond how we feel.

Spirit BBQ

This week we remember. We remember those who paid the ultimate cost for serving their country and we remember the day God sent the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost.

whY Jesus?

In this last week of the whY series, we will celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus and look at who Jesus is for us.

whY Waste?

In this second week of the whY series, we will be looking at the story in John’s Gospel of surrounding Jesus’ anointing and what it really means to waste in the way Christ intends for us to do so.


In week 1 we will look at the Apostle Peter and how he was stuck in his faith and how he became unstuck.

Does God Fit In? – Limitations

This week, we will look at how the limitations we place on situations, ourselves and others, as well as, the limitations others place on us, often keep us from receiving all the extraordinary things God has in store for us.