I Am the Vine

I Am the Vine

Scripture(s): John 15:1-17

 If I were to ask you the question, “Who are you?”  There would be a variety of answers depending on what the situations and surroundings are.  What about the bigger question, “Who is Jesus?”  To the woman caught in adultery, he was a second chance. To the woman at the well he was the answer to her thirst. To the leper, he was the healer.  To the dead man, he was life.  Who is Jesus to me?

What is it about fruit?  Have you ever had fruit when it’s not ripe?  What about when it’s too ripe?  What about if it is just plain rotten?  I think we all agree, fruit is good when it’s just right.  How can we bear the fruit of the Spirit in our lives to be just right?  When we are connected to God through the Holy Spirit — the Vine.  

On the last  week  of the series:  I Am Jesus, we will understand how important it is to remain in Jesus so we can bear fruit.

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