Services on Luke

Services on Luke

You Must Be An Angry Elf

This 4-week Christmas sermon series explores several classic Christmas films that remind us all of the joy, hope, faith and love displayed in Jesus’ coming to earth.

The Generous Life

God’s design for us is be generous. In this series, we will look at embracing God’s invitation to a life of joyful generosity where we give and receive the blessing form others and given to others.

How Do I Raise Kids Today?

This six-week series covers a variety of topics that you wanted to hear most. So we tallied up the top six topics you wanted to know about and put them in 6-week this series, “You Wanted to Know.”

Happy Money

Everyone wants to be happy. But what makes us happy? And why is happiness easy to find, but hard to keep?  In this church-wide series and study, we will look at just these questions to discover our quest for happiness.

Burning Hearts

It is the Sunday after Easter, and the Resurrection of Jesus. How does his resurrection affect us and our relationship with him? What does the Resurrection change for each of us?Join us this Sunday as we look at Burning Hearts.

Into Your Hands

Often when we are in the midst of a bad day or struggle, we often feel so alone and even isolate ourselves from others.  In our bad days and moment of challenge in life we may wonder where you are God..  On this Good Friday we will embrace Jesus’ final final word in the message Into Your Hands.

Help in the Struggle

What we learn from Jesus is we need to be ready to help others who are experiencing our same struggle.  In week #2 of the series, we look at Help in the Struggle.

Christmas Epic

It’s the getting closer to Christmas so our children will present “Christmas Epic”, a Christmas Pageant. They have been working hard so come out to see them & hear the great songs & message cf Christmas.

Full of It

In this last week we want to look at our actions and heart to see what Jesus would undo when we look to see if we are Full of It.

Christmas Eve Evening Service

Come Sunday evening to celebrate Christmas Eve.  We will have a great time in song and family.  At this time of year, we have so much to do.  We have cookies to bake, packages to wrap,  gifts to buy,dinners to bake, trips to take, parties to attend and on and on and on.  But do you see what I see?  What do I see?
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