Don’t Make the Rocks Cry

Don’t Make the Rocks Cry

Scripture: Luke 19:29-35

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Picture it: the dusty streets of Jerusalem, the scent of fig leaves, & the buzz of anticipation as Jesus, rides a borrowed donkey hailed as both king & rebel. The Last Supper unfolds—feet washed, bread broken, wine shared. Sorrow drips from His brow in Gethsemane as He grapples to drink from the cup of suffering he must endure. A friend’s betrayal casts its shadow, the Sanhedrin convenes, the scourging embarks, & the cross looms large, its splintered wood against a bruised sky.

In A Couple of Days, One Week, we explore Jesus’ Passion Week & how it altered the course of humanity forever. This week contains raw emotions, heavenly purpose, & cosmic significance. It’s not just a history lesson, but an invitation as are not spectators, we are participants. Journeying through a couple of these days, we wrestle with doubt, embrace grace, face our own betrayals, & experience the weight of nails & Jesus’ words, “It is finished.” Yet, Sunday morning brings the victory of an empty tomb, a seismic shift that reverberates across time.

This Easter season, join us as this ancient story still pulses with life & freedom, all from A Couple of Days, One Week.