Sons of Slaves

Sons of Slaves

SCRIPTURE: Galatians 4:4-7(NIV)

As we learned in our “Be Happy” series, Jesus not only wants us to be happy but Christ died so that we could be free. But many of us live lives that are  “bound” even though there is freedom  in Jesus.

Somewhere along the line we may have gotten caught in the attacks of 2 false ideas in particular: legalism & lawlessness.  So, open up your minds & ultimately your hearts to learn to live each day with the freedom of salvation through faith alone, in this series based on the book of Galatians. When we live in the areas of rules, religion and regulations, we are slaves to them.  When we live in the area of relationship with Christ, we live in family.  

This week in Chapter 4 we will look at the effects of our decisions and choices of being Sons/children of God or Slaves to the law.

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