Services on Galatians

Services on Galatians

Let Me Count the Ways

Who do you love?  I mean who is it or what is it that you love more than anything in the universe?  What is it you desire more than anything?  Do you chase after that person or thing you love?  What about with God?  Do you pursue Him?  Chase Him down? or do you just tolerate Him?  This week we will take time to look at our love for Jesus and as we stop we say to God, “Let Me Count the Ways.”

Fruit Cycle

In this fourth week in our series The Ghost, Pastor Jack will look at the true purpose via the fruits of the Holy Spirit and the cycle the Spirit works in the lives of believers. So join us for The Ghost: Fruit Cycle this week at Haven Church.

Need for Approval

In this last week of our Altar Image series we will look at laying down our needing approval of others and living to please God.

Old Time Message

In this series, Pastor Jack looks back at the some tenets of the Christianity of yesteryear and how can the church in the world today can recapture the fervor and desire to know, grow, serve and share Jesus Christ.
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