Sun Stand Still

Sun Stand Still

When the Sun Goes Down

This week is the final, final week of the Sun Stand Still message series. After journeying the past few weeks, we have seen how God calls us to “Page 23 Visions” and Sun Stand Still prayers and these are incredible times and moves of God. So, what do we do when whole-heartedly intention in moments when we need the Sun to Stand Still and the Sun still sets? This week we look at what Jesus said about prayer and those times when we look at what to do when God doesn’t answer our prayers – join us as we look at what to do When the Sun Still Goes Down.

Have the Stones

In this final week of this series, we look at the biblical narrative of a David and Goliath. One of the greatest things in life is that God uniquely calls and creates us to be just that: unique. As we are called to our “Page 23 Visions” it is because God needs us to be free to be who God created and called us to be. The question resides, do you Have the Stones to seek after and accomplish what God has called you to be and do.

Faith Is

In this fourth week of this series, we want to look at faith, particularly the gaps in our faith. You may be at a point where you have lost faith: in leadership; in the the American Dream; in the economy; in God; you may have even lost faith in yourself. How did you get here? You once had it but it seems as if it’s gone. You want to get it back; yet, you are not quite certain what it is that you want. This week we look at what Faith Is, particularly some revelations of faith and how many get it all mixed up. Join us to find out what Faith Is.

Why Bother?

This week we look at how when we buy into the Why Bother oppositions of fear and doubt, it can truly keep us from seeing God do the impossible through audacious faith.

Audacious Faith in Jehovah Jireh

In this second week of this series, we will go way back and look at the Sun Stand Still audacious faith of Abraham and his son Isaac through an amazing account of God’s provision. Through this, we will see how we too can trust and learn how to have Audacious Faith in Jehovah Jireh.

A New Way to Pray

In this first week of this series, we will look at a Joshua and the amazing account of his prayer and what we can learn and embrace for ourselves A New Way to Pray.