When the Sun Goes Down

When the Sun Goes Down

Scripture(s): Matthew 6:9-13; 33 (NIV)

Does the faith you live by produce the kinds of results in your life that you read about in the Bible? If you are like most people, chances are that you are not even close to it. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. In this series, we will be challenged to believe the faith that we see in the Bible — the faith that caused Joshua to pray and see the Sun Stand Still in the sky — is the same faith we can live by today.

This week is the final, final week of the Sun Stand Still message series. After journeying the past few weeks, we have seen how God calls us to “Page 23 Visions” and Sun Stand Still prayers and these are incredible times and moves of God. So, what do we do when whole-heartedly intention in moments when we need the Sun to Stand Still and the Sun still sets?

This week we look at what Jesus said about prayer and those times when we look at what to do when God doesn’t answer our prayers – join us as we look at what to do When the Sun Still Goes Down.

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