One Month to Live

One Month to Live

Living Without Regret

Sometimes it seems as though life is like having a piece to a puzzle but can’t find the rest of the puzzle or ending up where it does not fit and we try to force it to work, living lives with so much frustration, guilty and regret. Jesus promised us so much more that all that. In this last week of the series, we will look at how we can end up Living Without Regret.

Leave Boldly

Although we are not Jesus, we’re talking about leaving boldly because God has placed within everyone of our hearts a deep desire to live a life that will outlast us by doing something with our one and only life that will be here after we’re gone. This week in OMTL series, the message will focus us on our fourth principle as we learn to Leave Boldly with a great legacy.

Learn Humbly

There is no way you can live the one month to live lifestyle without God’s power. How do you tap into the power? It’s the moments I learn humbly that God fills me with His power. This week in OMTL series, the message will focus us on our third principle as we Learn Humbly.

Love Completely

No one truly wants to leave this earth with unfinished business.  Why wait until we are facing death, when we want to leave our loved ones having experienced the summit of our relationships as the result of our courage to love.  This week in OMTL series, the message will focus us on our second principle as we learn to Love Completely.

Live Passionately

So much of our daily lives seem so mundane, boring and just existing like a log in the rapids — waiting to get caught in the rocks, rapids or next waterfall — being driven along by the moving tides.  When Jesus spoke of the life he desired to bring to us, it was one of passion not one of meager existing.  If you had one month to live, would you want to just coast down the rapids or would you want to see & experience every moment to the fullest.  Why wait until we are facing death, we should be ready to learn this week how we are to Live Passionately.

Living the Dash

What if you only had one month to live. What changes would you make in your life? In this series based off of the book One Month to Live: Thirty Days to a No-Regrets Life we will be encouraged to face our own mortality and live life to the absolute fullest as Christ intended. We only have One Month to Live.