Love Completely

Love Completely

Scripture(s): 1 John 4:7-11

 What if you only had one month to live. What changes would you make in your life? In this series based off of the book One Month to Live: Thirty Days to a No-Regrets Life we will be encouraged to face our own mortality and live life to the absolute fullest as Christ intended.  We only have One Month to Live.

Some of the most important areas in life are relationships; yet, in every relationship there are challenges.  Whether it’s a sports team, a friendship, a business partnership, or a marriage, a lot of relationships fall apart because it’s so hard to get along with others.  We each have a separate agenda that prevents us from communicating clearly and following through on what’s needed to grow closer.   Many waste so much time holding onto grudges — when many do not even know what started it. If we were counting the days before we left this earth, many of us would be looking for ways to build bridges, to bring about healing, and to enjoy our most important relationships. No one truly wants to leave this earth with unfinished business.  Why wait until we are facing death, when we want to leave our loved ones having experienced the summit of our relationships as the result of our courage to love.

This week in OMTL series, the message will focus us on our second principle as we learn to Love Completely.

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