God Didn’t And I Can't

God Didn’t And I Can't

Callous God

Scripture(s): 1 Peter 1:6-7 (NLT) There are those times when believing in God seems so difficult because we pray and wonder why our prayers are not answered.  We see and experience suffering and tragedy; yet, wonder where God is and why does he tolerate suffering.  How do we make sense of all this?  So often we want to trust and believe in God but when the aforementioned things happen we often doubt God cares or even if he is there…

Tingly All Over

What do we do when so many around us talk about hear, seeing or feeling God and we just don’t. In week #3 we will look at how God Didn’t make me feel Him, so I can’t believe in Him or at least I have problems doing so. Let’s talk about and see what we do when God doesn’t make us Tingly All Over.

Party Pooper

In week #2, we are going to look at our focus when God is not very fun. Many want to believe in God, but I don’t want to be a boring, stick-in-the-mud. To be a follower of Christ, there seems to be so many do’s and don’ts and rules and regulations. If we are really honest, many Christians are just not very likable. They seemed to be hypocritical, judgmental and holier-than-thou, often saying one thing and then something the complete opposite. In this second week of the God Didn’t, I Can’t series, look at how some often have a desire to believe in God but I can’t because God is such a Party Pooper.

Sugar Abba

In week #1, we look at if God loves us and cares so much, why doesn’t He do what we want Him to do. Obviously, if he really cares He should do what’s best and we know what’s best for us. Jesus told us to pray calling God “Abba” or Daddy. If God is our Daddy in heaven then Daddy needs to take care of us. We need this now and what we really need is a Sugar Abba.