Get Fishin'

Get Fishin'

Fish Fanatic

In this last week of the Get Fishin’ series, we look at one of the greatest “fishers of people” ever — the Apostle Paul. Specifically, we will look at his passion and how we can embrace that same passion for others as we can each become a Fishin’ Fanatic.

Fish Rap

In this third week as we look at what are the things we say and share when we are sharing our faith and relationship with Christ.  This week we will discuss the specifics we need when we “Get Fishin’” in the message Fish Rap.

Fish Wise

When we are “fishing’” there is a consistent concept that constantly needs to be embraced throughout scripture.  Many of us believe we have to have all the Bible on rolodex in our minds.  Often it is not about the knowing but being wise in all situations.  Join us this second week as we look at being Fish Wise.

Follow & Fish

When Jesus first called a few disciples to follow Him told them that he would make them, “fishers of men.”  God desires to use us to reach others people for Him.  In the next several weeks we will look at the  Whats, Whys and Hows of fishing for people at Jesus tells us to Get Fishin’.