Services on Revelation

Services on Revelation

Here Comes the Bride

n this 4-week series, “I’ll be back!” we are going to focus on the love of God for His people and how He tells us to “not let your hearts be troubled.” As a Christian/Christ-follower we can do just that, because you’re on the winning side. Join us in this series as we can get excited that Jesus promises, “I’ll be back!”

Power in the Blood

Have you ever felt as if something were missing from your life? Do you desire a clearer sense of purpose? Maybe you feel stuck in a rut in your spiritual walk?


In this Untieable series, we will look beyond the simplistic mindset of what it means to follow Christ, and open ourselves up to discover the knots in our lives that Jesus wants to undo, so that we can live an authentic, untieable faith.

The Gospel According to Lukewarm

This week, we will look at how sometimes in the blessed lives that we live, we tend to lose sight of God.  Furthermore, our faith in Christ becomes just another component of daily living.  In the book of Revelation, we see how the Lord speaks to and warns the Church at Laodicea how their complacency is interfering with their true call to love and serve God.  Join us as this week we look at the qualities of a complacent Christian in the message, “The Gospel According to Lukewarm.”

Stop Praying

In week one of the series, we ask the question, “Who is God?” In other words, what do you expect to see and say to God the first time you see Him? What about now when you are pray? What image of God do you have? This week we will look at these and other questions and also the true nature of God in the message, “Stop Praying.”

I Believe, But Let’s Not Get Crazy

In week three of this series, we will look at how so many people believe in God, but do not want to “go overboard with it”. Following Christ fully may cause others to call us the “wacky Bible thumper,” or the “crazy church lady.” We believe in God yet we have this kind of Sunday I am a Christian rest of the week you don’t have clue what I am attitude. In some sense we are “lukewarm”. Come this week and get to as we learn how to move away from being the UNChristian by dealing with the areas, I Believe, But Let’s Not Get Crazy.

Boo Who?

Primarily dealing with the concepts of how we are told to “Do Not Fear…” and then at the same time, told in the Bible, “Fear God.” Does it make sense to do both? Often those opposite statements leave us even more confuse and more fearful. Join us this week as kick off this Frightful Sermon Series.

The Abrasive Christ

The second week of this series, we examine how Christ can be so upfront with us that at times we are shocked at by his abruptness. When we step back to take a look it can be the most important our development in faith.

Cross Eyed Vision

This Sunday, we will celebrate our first three years past and anxiously engage together the future vision of Haven’s calling.