Services on Isaiah

Services on Isaiah

What a Pain

God never meant for us to have a distant or impersonal connection with Him.  From the beginning God always intended for us to encounter Him for ourselves, intimately, rather than through ritual, practices or even other people.

O Come All Ye Faithful

It’s difficult to remember that God is with us – in answered promises, realized dreams, and refreshed hope. How could we help but sing? Let’s explore the songs born from our joy in Emmanuel in the series, Hark!  The Carols

Choose First

What choice do we have in this time?  In this series we will talk about God’s plan for us as the only plan as I Choose Joy over all things.

Love is in the Air

SCRIPTURE: Isaiah 38:18-19 In life, we often find ourself living in survival mode, and life just becomes stagnant and lifeless. All of tend to have a longing for something more. A longing to experience a breath of fresh air and when it happens it has the power to change everything.  Worship.  We throw the term around so much, it is a noun and a verb but more importantly, it is God’s love language.  Join us in this forth week of the series, Fresh Air, as we…

Christmas Eve Evening Service

Come Sunday evening to celebrate Christmas Eve.  We will have a great time in song and family.  At this time of year, we have so much to do.  We have cookies to bake, packages to wrap,  gifts to buy,dinners to bake, trips to take, parties to attend and on and on and on.  But do you see what I see?  What do I see?

Ghost of Christmas Shame

In week #2, we recognize that for some, the holidays bring memories of joy and excitement. However, many others are brutally reminded of the mistakes they have made and cannot begin to get over it. Through Christ we need to learn that The Ghost of Christmas Shame does not have to stick around in our present and future. So how do we get rid of this one?  Connect with us this week!

Called Encounter

In week #3 of the series, we will take a look at the close encounter of the call of Isaiah and how he God prepared Isaiah and prepares us for His call on our lives.

The Crossroads

In the first message series of the year, The Five, we will look at 5 areas we can implement in life to keep and live out the goals we set before us. This week we begin on New Year’s Day by meeting at The Crossroads.

Christmas Eve Communion Service – 2016

We hope that the worship service tonight has helped you know & grow closer to the Lord. On behalf of the Haven Community Church Family, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and pray that God will bless you with a very Happy New Year!
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