When it Rains it Sores

When it Rains it Sores

SCRIPTURE: Job 2:1-10; Romans 5:3-5

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Life. It rolls on with ups and downs; yet, for most of the journey, it’s normal and relatively calm. Then out of nowhere, BAM! Your world is shattered by an event, a loss, a fire, a natural disaster, financial ruin and so much more. All of a sudden, your life is in broken pieces and everything has changed. It’s bad enough if you’ve ever felt broken but it’s worse if you have to no clear reason for the suffering?

In this 6-week series, Broken & Changed: Call Me Job, we are going to be honest and transparent as we learn from the life of Job and how we too can be restored. You know, Job’s story is so often our story. We may not know all the ‘whys’, but even in the midst of great hurt, we can trust in God of our creator and redeemer.

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