Services from September 2018

Services from September 2018

Full of It

In this last week we want to look at our actions and heart to see what Jesus would undo when we look to see if we are Full of It.

Wash the Dishes!

This week we will look at the areas where we need to “untie” the hypocrisy in our lives in the message, Wash the Dishes!


In this Untieable series, we will look beyond the simplistic mindset of what it means to follow Christ, and open ourselves up to discover the knots in our lives that Jesus wants to undo, so that we can live an authentic, untieable faith.

Never Give Up

In the final week of the Dream BIG series we will look at how we cannot let our dreams die. In doing so, we will look at the life of Joseph and how his early dreams may have seemed to die; yet, in his faithfulness to God, all the dreams came true and so can yours when you DREAM BIG and Never Give Up!
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