Services by Pastor Jack Cohen (Page 51)

Services by Pastor Jack Cohen (Page 51)

Shaken Solace

What is it that makes some generous and others not? In this section of Acts we see the church growing and shifting in growth but also a challenge to be genuine in their faith.

Lame Christianity

In this week of the En Fuego series, we will look at Acts 3 & 4 and how Peter and John where the agents of Christ’s healing for the paralyzed man and how this encounter changed the man, the ministry and the life of the church forever.

Wind, Wine, Power

In week 2 of the En Fuego Sermon Series, we will look at Acts 2 and the Day of Pentecost, where Jesus’ promise of the Holy Spirit filled 120 believers and set on fire the ministry that changed the world. So what does that mean for believers today?

Bucket List 2012

No matter what stage of Erik Erickson’s stages of life development you are in or whether you begin to ponder your New Year’s resolutions for 2012, what is your Bucket List? More importantly, what is your Bucket List for God? What is God calling you to in 2012 and your life.

Do you want Jesus with that?

So often we want the quick fix and the easy thing so much that we don’t even have to get out of are cars. In some ways, Christianity has become drive-thru rather than what Christ intended for His church.

What If Immanuel?

One of the great Christmas songs of all time is O Come, O Come Emmanuel, and really the only time many of us use this term.

Old Time Faith

In this second week of the series Old Time Religion, we will look at the old time faith and how some of the greatest hardships in life strengthens the relationship with Christ rather than divides or severs it.

Old Time Message

In this series, Pastor Jack looks back at the some tenets of the Christianity of yesteryear and how can the church in the world today can recapture the fervor and desire to know, grow, serve and share Jesus Christ.

Off & Ouch

This week we speak about hiding our sins and our hurts, two things that both paralyze and destroy our faith walks.


In this sermon, we will talk about the masks we wear and how to remove them so that Christ can transform us.