Services by Pastor Jack Cohen (Page 49)

Services by Pastor Jack Cohen (Page 49)

Complete Sharing

In this sermon Pastor Jack shares his thoughts on these questions and why more than every we need to share the Good News of Christ.

Keep It Burning

In this message, Pastor Jack will share what he believes Jesus is calling us to do as servants in a chaotic world.


In this sermon we explore this process of growing in faith and knowledge of Jesus, how growth takes devotion, intention, and is required to deepen our faith journey with the Lord.

Action Knowing: Koinonia

This week Pastor Jack discusses how knowing God through Jesus Christ is not only lived out in knowledge and experience with God, but in action and fellowship with God and others known by the Greek term Koinonia.


In this message, Pastor Jack delves into how God desires us to know us and make Himself known to us to achieve the relationship God desires to enrich our lives.

Cross Eyed Vision

This Sunday, we will celebrate our first three years past and anxiously engage together the future vision of Haven’s calling.

I Love Ewe, Don’t Have a Cow

In this account in Genesis 29, we will see how Jacob’s journey for love did not turn out to be as easy as he thought and analyze the example how we need to be willing to be equally persistent in our quest in the “I love ewe” and not get sidetracked by “having a cow” in our relationship with our first love.

Idiots for Christ

Ever had someone call you an idiot? Or, have you been called an idiot yourself? What about an idiot for Christ? In this sermon discover how God wants, desires and calls those who really want to be idiots for Him

Losing Heart

At times in life, we all have goals, dreams and hopes and we believe that they are ways to achieve contentment and happiness. However, most of the time we find out we are left unfulfilled and even more disheartened then before. How can we quit losing heart in the world today? How can we hear God in the midst of our broken dreams?

Kicking Your Donkey

This sermon focuses on a guy named Balaam and long before Shrek, he had a talking donkey. Have you ever asked God for an answer? Then you get an answer but really want to do something else so you do what you want and when it goes bad you beat up those dear to you? Why do we do that? What is God’s response? What does a talking donkey have to do with it all?

My Desire

You, God, are my God, earnestly I seek you; I thirst for you, my whole being longs for you, in a dry and parched land where there is no water.
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