Services by Pastor Jack Cohen (Page 49)

Services by Pastor Jack Cohen (Page 49)

Refreshed Kingdom

This week we will talk about being refreshed in the Kingdom (Kingdom of God). How can we survive “burn out” in God’s Kingdom?


How can we be renewed, refreshed in the amazing presence of God which at times seems to drain more than fulfill. Yet, Jesus says, “Come to me you who are weary and I’ll give you rest.

All In

The fact is they are not willing, do not desire, or just won’t go all in! Much of our journey with the Lord finds us scooping out handfuls of God to dampen “the heat”; however, are we willing to go All In for the Lord.

Transformed Strength

This week as we stare at the 4th of July, we look back at men and women who dedicated their lives to a cause greater than themselves. George Washington himself recognized this saying, “Make sure you are doing what God wants you to do–then do it with all your strength.” If we are not, we need to transformed strength.

Sleeping in the Storm

Regardless of how the weather is outside, in the winter we fill our homes and automobiles with heat and in the summer with A/C we live weatherless lives. Often we do the same when it comes to life. We try to live lives of “weatherlessly” but eventually the storms come — how to we react and survive the storms.

The Small Things

Now, that I am a father, too. It’s the small things that I want my children to learn and the small things that help shape the large things in life. It’s no different with God, the small things matter to Him. Let’s celebrate Father’s Day with a focus on the small things.

Spirit BBQ

This week we remember. We remember those who paid the ultimate cost for serving their country and we remember the day God sent the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost.

The Streets

Christianity, these modern “Radicals” seem to be normal compared to what Christ calls disciples to live out. In this message, we look at how we can, in this modern day, be committed to take Jesus to The Streets?

Springing Hope

On this Mother’s Day ’12, Pastor Jack will share his experience in trusting Christ during a week when hope seems to run dry and God proves faithful as always.