Services by Pastor Jack Cohen (Page 39)

Services by Pastor Jack Cohen (Page 39)


In this sermon, we will talk about the masks we wear and how to remove them so that Christ can transform us.


In the UnStuck series we have looked at getting unstuck in our faith, friends, family, field, and finances this final week we will look at the final place we can get stuck…our future.


We hear it on the news, we recognize it in stores, we definitely experience it personally — financial woes and worries. George Gallup reports that 64% of all couples worry about money.


In week 4 of the UnStuck series, we look at God’s plan for your field realizing God does not want us to be stuck in our career, but bring Him glory in all that you do.


In week 3 of the UnStuck series, we look at God’s plan for family realizing God does not want us to be stuck.


In week 2 of the UnStuck series, we will look at some of the most important areas that help us succeed in life or drag us down like a lifeboat hooked to the Titantic. Friendships are part of God’s plan and we all realize that Jesus and the early church always sent people out in pairs.


In week 1 we will look at the Apostle Peter and how he was stuck in his faith and how he became unstuck.

At Ground Zero

As we approach this weekend, we look to the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, we are reminded of the events that occurred that changed our world as we knew it. In addition, for Haven Church, we look to this week as Commitment Sunday as we step forward as a church to a new phase of ministry.

The Explained Life

Have you ever said or heard the statements that begin with, “If only I had….” or “I can just get….” It seems we so often live in lives so dependent on chance and wishful thinking rather than living full, happy lives not based on conditions or occurrences. In this sermon we will balance this with Paul’s statements in Philippians 4 focussing on contentment.

The Abrasive Christ

The second week of this series, we examine how Christ can be so upfront with us that at times we are shocked at by his abruptness. When we step back to take a look it can be the most important our development in faith.

The Confusing Christ

This week we will look at the famous Beatitudes in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and how the words of the confusing Christ confuse and compel us.
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