You Want to Know

You Want to Know

How Do I Handle Stress?

In the last week of this series, we will analyze an issue that is facing us all — especially during this time of year — STRESS. This final week as we wrap up the series and head into the holiday season, find out How Do I Handle Stress.

And the Winner Is…?

Well, here we are. This week we will find out who the next President of the United States will be. After months of some of the craziest things that have occurred in the history of politics, our nation in on the cusp of deciding it’s next leader. Even though all that has it’s place and so many have opinions who is best for the job and task before them; yet, how in the Christian to respond with so much division and conflict. What would the world look like if we filter our politics through our faith? Join us this week as we really want to know, “And the Winner is…?”

How Do I Handle Difficult People?

It’s almost the holiday season and they will soon be here! They will be in your house, at your table, in the car, at work, in the stores, and may even be in your mirror. Who are they? They are difficult people! We all have them in our lives and several of us are them. So this week we look at the You Want to Know…How Do I Handle With Difficult People?

What About Spiritual Gifts?

The church is one body and just like everybody, each part has a purpose, designed by God. One of the most controversial and most neglected areas of the Christian life is found in the areas of Spiritual Gifts. This week we will look at the Spiritual Gifts, what aren’t they, what are they, and what does this mean for me and my relationship with God.

What Do I Do When I’ve Been Really Hurt?

We may doing well with God…but other people, that another story! Have you ever felt this way? You’ve sought out God and discover that people have hurt or offended you. What do you do? Join us this week where the question we tackle is What Do I Do When I’ve Been Really Hurt? There are right answers to this and we will look to God’s Word and discover what we should do and say in these moments.

What About Heaven?

Heaven. What about it? Where is it? Is it real? Is it too far away? If it is real how can I get there? There are so many questions about Heaven and in week 3 we are going to ask the question, What about Heaven? by taking a good look at the place we all want to get to but may not realize, it is closer than you know.

How Can I Hear God’s Voice?

In week one, we will ask the question:  How Can I Hear God’s Voice?  Have you heard people say that “God told me this” or “God say that”?  Have you ever wondered how they heard God or if they even heard God at all.  In this message we will look at how we can hear God’s voice.