UnUsual Influence

In week #5 we want to look at what out past relationships do to our future ones.  We need to be careful or our hurts and actions can lead us to lose our influence.  Join in this week as we step away from the usual to experience UnUsual Influence.

UnUsual Conflict

In week #4 we will look at something that occurs in every relationship.  No matter how good the relationship is, the result is that there will be conflict.  The world says there is a usual way of conflict and God tells us there’s another way.  Join us this week as we seek a way of UnUsual Conflict.

UnUsual Commitment

In week #2 we will look at what it takes to take commitment out of the warped definition the world provides and see what God thinks.

UnUsual Love

SCRIPTURE: Romans 12:1-2 (MSG); John 3:16 (KJV) How are your relationships?  Do your relationships just seem to be more of the “same old same old.”  Do you desire  to have relationships in your life that look a be different than “the usual” one that seem to be all around you?  Regardless of the point you are in life, whether you are have been in a relationship for years, are in a brand new one, going through broken relationships, or believe you…