The Ghost

The Ghost

Fruit Cycle

In this fourth week in our series The Ghost, Pastor Jack will look at the true purpose via the fruits of the Holy Spirit and the cycle the Spirit works in the lives of believers. So join us for The Ghost: Fruit Cycle this week at Haven Church.

Miry Reminder

In week #3 of our series The Ghost, we will discuss and show us how the Holy Spirit works as our divine reminder of who we are in Christ — no matter how “miry” the pits of our lives the Holy Spirit will remind us of who are deliver is.

Power Full

It is during those times that the only way we overcome these challenges is through the Holy Spirit and His power. How does that happen? Through several qualities that the Holy Spirit wants to give to all believers.

Inner Upgrade

In this series, we will look at what the Bible teaches us about the Holy Spirit and how He works in, through us, and around us. Be sure to come out and explore the power and purpose of The Ghost.