Fear Itself

Fear Itself

Let Them See

When our perspective of the fear is bigger than God is, the fear is insurmountable; yet, when we have God in the proper site, all other things fail in comparison. Join us in this last week in the series, Fear Itself.

The Very Best of Fear

In this third week of the Fear Itself message series, we will look at the “very best of Fear” and how we can overcome the cyclical pattern of fear possibilities.

Running From ..

In this second week of Fear Itself, we will look at what is it that you are running from. Most often, it is the thing that is closest to you.

Boo Who?

Primarily dealing with the concepts of how we are told to “Do Not Fear…” and then at the same time, told in the Bible, “Fear God.” Does it make sense to do both? Often those opposite statements leave us even more confuse and more fearful. Join us this week as kick off this Frightful Sermon Series.