Christmas Chaos

Christmas Chaos

Fra-gee-lay Peace

n our third week of the Christmas Chaos sermon series, we will look at something that seems to be missing a lot in our world: PEACE.

The Joy Challenge

We have chaotic lives; yet, it is in the midst of the chaotic times of life and during the Christmas Season God shows up. This is what happened in the first Christmas and will today. It will never be easy, but God will be with you.

In Your Hands

This week we will talk about God’s hand being on the ministry of Haven Church & how that which is in our hands can be used for God’s purpose.

Christmas Chaos

Luke 2:1-7 The thanksgiving turkey has been eaten, family has returned back to their homes, and Black Friday has kicked off the one of the most chaotic times of life: The Christmas Season. Are you ready for Christmas Chaos? Well, ready or not, here it comes! With all this upheaval, it is so easy to lose focus on Christ. In this series, Christmas Chaos, we will look at our how we can manage the demands of the busy season; yet,…