Apps for Life

Apps for Life


So, in this fifth week of the Apps for Life series, we will go to “God’s App Store” and download the APP God has for depression.


Exodus 20:8-10 Run, run, run, rush, hurry, quick, run, rush, hurry…. It goes on and on and on. Remember the commercial for Calgon? “Calgon, take me away!” Well, not many of us have Calgon moments in our lives. According to the a study by the Bureau of Labor statistics released in 2010, in 1999, more than 25 million Americans – 20.5 % of the total workforce – reported that they worked at least 49 hours a week, and 11 million…


In this third week of the Apps for Life Sermon Series, we will look at the symptoms of greed and how God through the Scripture has an APP for that, that will change our lives.


This week in the Apps for Life series we will focus on Anger. Anger is everywhere and in some fashion, with most people.

Apps for Life

James 1:22-25 Apps, they are everywhere, billions of downloads for our phones, computers, tablets, etc. Wouldn’t be neat if we could just download apps that help us deal with those areas of life we don’t like or feel are consistent with our life’s journey? Well, the Bible contains numerous apps to help us navigate throughout life. Join us for the next several weeks in this series, as we download the right apps to make life complete.