Services on Psalms

Services on Psalms

From Evening to Morning

Year 2021!  Whoop-de-doo!  Let’s not just think about this year until 2022, let’s think about bigger.  What about 5 years?  What changes can you make now to become who you want to be in five years?

Winning the Hand You Are Dealt

Over the next 7 weeks, these heart-felt messages will enable us to break the silence, reduce the stigma, and remind people that it is not a sin to be sick, and the church to become a place of refuge and hope for all those in pain:  physical, emotional and mental.

Choose Daily

In this series we will talk about God’s plan for us as the only plan as I Choose Joy over all things.

Way Of Life

Have you ever felt as if something were missing from your life? Do you desire a clearer sense of purpose? Maybe you feel stuck in a rut in your spiritual walk?

Do You Love Me?

Have you ever felt as if something were missing from your life? Do you desire a clearer sense of purpose? Maybe you feel stuck in a rut in your spiritual walk?

Soul Clean

During this message series, we are focusing on “cleaning house” in the three different parts of our being/“house”: our spirit, our soul, & our body. Even though we may not be at hoarder status, all of us allow stuff into our lives, whether knowingly or unknowingly that can take over & we need to start Cleaning House.

Stop Going to Church…

In this one-week message we will lovingly but boldly urge people to be the church. We will look at how we can be the church through serving, giving, and being connected with God and others.

Deep Seeded

In this series we will look at how God thinks differently than we do, and that His ways are higher than ours. When generously take what we have our time, energy, money, or talents, God can cause them to affect more people, make our dreams into a realty that is greater than we could ever imagine.

America, Then, Now and….

It’s that time of the year when we are getting ready to celebrate the birthday of our country, the 4th of July. We live in a fantastic country that has afforded us so many freedoms that many in the world could only dream about. Yet, even with those freedoms we also live in a time of great conflict, upheaval and division. With all this, we may wonder where are we headed and as Christians, what is the role of a church that needs to be salt and light in this world and country. Join us this week as in the message, America, Then, Now and…, we will look at just those things.

You’re About to Give Up

In this week, we will look at something that seems to hit most people in life when it comes to losing hope.  How can you have Hope Rising, When You’re About to Give Up.  When you struggle with loss, depression and giving up, how can hope rise again?

Tingly All Over

What do we do when so many around us talk about hear, seeing or feeling God and we just don’t. In week #3 we will look at how God Didn’t make me feel Him, so I can’t believe in Him or at least I have problems doing so. Let’s talk about and see what we do when God doesn’t make us Tingly All Over.
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