Services on 2 Timothy

Services on 2 Timothy

To Not Give Up

The decision to say I Have Pre-Decided…  can help you live the life you really want if we look ahead and live by God’s ways.

No Fear: Who is He to You?

In times of uncertainty, it’s easy for fear to spread; yet, it is all the more important than ever to trust who God is. When we see, understand and truly know Him, NOT about Him, we can embrace God’s promises that we can live a “No Fear” life .

kNOw Fear of Rejection

In 2 Timothy 1:7 we are told that “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power.” With that truth in mind, and this series, we will experience the power of God to overcome these fears.

Trusting It

If we believe that, why don’t we embrace The Written Word all the more. In this series we will stir up a desire for God’s Word to bring life changing power to your life. Can we trust God’s Word? Can we trust the Bible? This we will discuss the fact that, “Yes we can!”

Your Choice

SCRIPTURE: 2 Timothy 1:16-18 (TLB) Well, Easter is over and completed for another year.  In life, we often find ourself living in survival mode, and life just becomes stagnant and lifeless. All of tend to have a longing for something more. A longing to experience a breath of fresh air and when it happens it has the power to change everything.  Join us in this series, based on the book by Pastor Chris Hodges, as we kick off week #1 with the…

How Do I Handle Difficult People?

It’s almost the holiday season and they will soon be here! They will be in your house, at your table, in the car, at work, in the stores, and may even be in your mirror. Who are they? They are difficult people! We all have them in our lives and several of us are them. So this week we look at the You Want to Know…How Do I Handle With Difficult People?

Do What You Want

In week #3 we will look at the cultural belief that it does not matter what I do as long as I do not hurt anyone else. God says, “I Did Not Say That” when we look at Do What You Want.

Power of the Bible

In week three of the Old School Rocks series, we will look at that question and show how this “Old School” book has tremendous value for our lives.

Springing Hope

On this Mother’s Day ’12, Pastor Jack will share his experience in trusting Christ during a week when hope seems to run dry and God proves faithful as always.

Do you want Jesus with that?

So often we want the quick fix and the easy thing so much that we don’t even have to get out of are cars. In some ways, Christianity has become drive-thru rather than what Christ intended for His church.