Services on 1 Thessalonians

Services on 1 Thessalonians

Keepin It Clean

During this message series, we are focusing on “cleaning house” in the three different parts of our being/“house”: our spirit, our soul, & our body. Even though we may not be at hoarder status, all of us allow stuff into our lives, whether knowingly or unknowingly that can take over & we need to start Cleaning House.

What About Heaven?

Heaven. What about it? Where is it? Is it real? Is it too far away? If it is real how can I get there? There are so many questions about Heaven and in week 3 we are going to ask the question, What about Heaven? by taking a good look at the place we all want to get to but may not realize, it is closer than you know.

End of the World? Does it Matter?

In this second week of the Plastic Jesus sermon series, we will talk about should it matter if the end of the world comes for those who love Christ? And how does our Plastic Jesus fit into our End of the World Bucket Lists!
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