En Fuego

En Fuego

whY Doubt

As we transition to the weeks before Easter, we will take a hiatus from the En Fuego Series and have a 3 week series call whY which focusses on why we should care about Jesus, why should I want to follow Jesus, why an of this even matters; and several other whys?

Where’s Barnabas Now?

This week we look at the active ministry of Barnabas and Saul, specifically the type of person Barnabas was and how the church grew in amazing ways through his commitment and devotion to God and others and how the church today could use a few more Barnabas’ in its ranks today.

A Common Vision

The early days of the church in Acts found a struggle between who was welcomed in the church or those that were “chosen” & “holy” vs. “common.” The message of Christ is just that, God taking the normal, common, ordinary and empowering and using the normal in extraordinary ways.

Blinded by the Light

Probably one of the most pivotal points in the history of Christianity is found within Acts chapter 9: the conversion of Saul. This man’s conversion shifted his life purpose, expanded the church, and forever impacted Christianity and the world. What can we learn about being heading in the “wrong” direction and Christ redirecting our plans to his will and purpose.

A Tale of Two Believers

This week we will look at the effective ministry of Philip and two specific people his ministry influenced: Simon Magnus and the Ethiopian eunuch.

Scattered Will

In this week of the En Fuego series, we look at the death of the first Christian martyr, Stephen and how his death, and the events surrounding it, and how God used the suffering, persecution and scattering of the church brought the will of God for ministry.

If It’s of God…

With what seems a struggle between modern culture and Christian discipleship, we must ponder of our service and our lifestyle, “If it is of God…”

Shaken Solace

What is it that makes some generous and others not? In this section of Acts we see the church growing and shifting in growth but also a challenge to be genuine in their faith.

Lame Christianity

In this week of the En Fuego series, we will look at Acts 3 & 4 and how Peter and John where the agents of Christ’s healing for the paralyzed man and how this encounter changed the man, the ministry and the life of the church forever.

Wind, Wine, Power

In week 2 of the En Fuego Sermon Series, we will look at Acts 2 and the Day of Pentecost, where Jesus’ promise of the Holy Spirit filled 120 believers and set on fire the ministry that changed the world. So what does that mean for believers today?