Services from July 2016

Services from July 2016

Relational Baggage

In week 3 of the Baggage  series, we will look at the Relational Baggage that hits us in life and steals us from the Promised land God calls us to — All the while it hurts and changes who we are.  

Emotional Baggage

In week 2 of the Baggage series, we will look at the Emotional Baggage brought on by the lies and statements that leave us so bogged down, beaten down, depressed and have warped who we really are in Christ.

Baggage Claim

In week 1 of the Baggage series, we will look at Baggage Claim and how part of our victory over the baggage is claiming it and giving it to the Lord.

One For All

In week three of the series, One For All,  we look at what the Apostle Paul states as he focusses on the “oneness” of God & how he sent Jesus to save everyone.
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