Services from January 2015

Services from January 2015

Will at Work

Over the last several weeks we spoke about God’s Will in a form of discovery and experience of our lives. In week #4 of our series Going Deeper, we will look at the application in the different areas of the lives of individuals in different areas of life and how to go about doing the Will of God when His Will becomes our Desire as we get Going Deeper.

3D Shades

Discovering the will of God is only the beginning of the story — there has to be more. What do we do once we understand God’s will for our situation? How do we continually do God’s will time after time? In week #3 of our series Going Deeper, we will look at how God’s will can be more than an thing to find but can become the desire of our heart and life start Going Deeper.

The Window

It seems like most of us aren’t getting personal phone calls or telegrams from God with instructions for us. So how can we hear from God when it comes to the important decisions in our life? In week #2 our series Going Deeper, we will look at the window of opportunities that God can use to reveal His will to us. Get ready to get Going Deeper.

Whatever Will

Going Deeper is a series that focuses on God’s will — in Week #1 we look at a different way to seek and experience the will of God in our lives. As 2015 begins, get ready to get Going Deeper.
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