Ministry Leaders

Ministry Leaders

The purpose of the Ministry Leaders is…

… to ensure the chosen ministries are aligned and lead with the purpose God has placed on Haven Community Church in these areas. The leaders work in unity with other church leaders, and are responsible for creating, implementing, and guiding the ministry and its members.

Hover then click on an image to see a short synopsis of the team member’s role. They are available and excited to assist you in any way they can. On the individual’s profile you can see more information, as well as, an email address to contact them.

Connection Ministry

Dana Webb

The Connection Ministry’s purpose is to connect the people of Haven Community Church to the work and ministry of the church.  Connection helps: Identify and share needs of HCC and the members of our church family Provides information and education about church ministries and direction on service opportunities in the church Raises awareness in church events and activities Facilitates communication between members, church ministries and pastor where needed Anyone interested in helping with communication efforts of the church is welcome to participate. We welcome…
Outreach & Missions

Jill Cohen

The Missions Ministry’s, called Haven’s Helping Hands, purpose is to provide God’s love to the people outside of the church when they are in need. The vision for community outreach is to provide support to our community and its people who are in need, offering encouragement and hope to all God’s children with the love of Christ The Outreach Ministry’s purpose is to share the Word of God and the love of God with people in our community in a way that grows and builds…
Children & Youth Director

Katelyn Allen

At Haven Community Church, our children and their walk with the Lord is very important to us. God has blessed our church with amazing teachers and staff who are committed to teaching each and every child about the love of God, and how He created each of them for a specific purpose. We strive to provide opportunities and an environment for all children and youth to know Christ, to grow in their relationship with Him, to serve God in their…
Host Team

Joanna Frederick

Host Team Leader leads a team that provides a warm and welcoming environment for people coming to worship at Haven. From  parking attendants and greeters, to the refreshment table and ushers, this ministry provides the first touch of contact for visitors & members alike and gives the first impression of the mission of Haven Community Church.
Card Ministry

Emily Hewitt

The purpose of the Card Ministry is a way to spread fellowship by sending cards. Each Sunday, many people are lifted in prayer, we would like to send a card to let them know we are praying for them. Cards for a variety of concerns covering Birthdays, Anniversaries, Illness, and Miss You can provide encouragement. Names and addresses are needed. We would also like to reach out to those beyond our church family.
IT Systems Team

James Forsman

The IT Team ensures that the necessary networks, computers and software applications are available to the church and it’s ministries. This includes technology support to the AV Team which provides support to the in-person and live streaming services weekly. We have both hardwired and wireless systems, and are largely Apple based.
Praise Team

Keith Edwards, Jr.

The Praise Team leader is responsible for the praise team, and the environment they provide for God’s message to reach those who engage in our services, whether in-person or virtually.
Facilities Management

Keith Edwards,Jr.

The purpose of the Facilities Trustees is to ensure effective management, security, and procurement of Haven’s physical assets & facilities. Specifically, Haven’s Facilities Trustees are responsible for managing all aspects of our church facility at 48 Flint Drive, North East, MD including; Lease Management Operations & Maintenance & Coordination and oversight Asset Procurement management Facility Access/Security control Trustees must be dedicated and willing to take accountability in the role. Experience in facility management or construction is helpful, but not required to be on…
Finance Team

James Forsman

The purpose of the Finance Team is to manage the finances of the church, including managing the collection of all forms of income and ensuring the payment of all expenses and liabilities. The treasurer also acts as the financial liaison with outside institutions. There are opportunities every Sunday to help collect and record the weekly offering. The Finance Ministry is also responsible for facilitating annual commitment and budgeting processes for the church. As the church expands and has capital projects, there will be additional needs for…
Caring Ministry Leader

Donna Whigham

The Caring Ministry is comprised of four areas serving the members of Haven Community Church. The various ministries range from providing cards and food to providing one-on-one Stephen Ministers who are prayerfully matched with people who are going through a stressful time or life difficulty. All are underpinned by and thru the Prayer Ministry. Stephen Ministers – members of our congregation who provide one­-to-one caring ministry to people experiencing grief, divorce, loneliness, job loss, hospitalization, and many other life difficulties. Once…