Youth Group Leaders

Youth Group Leaders

The youth of our church, and their friends whom they bring to our youth group, are an essential part of our future.

Our team of Youth leaders are committed to ensuring our youth continue to grow in the Word of the Lord. A vibrant youth group is essential to our church’s relevance in the future, and to ensure our youth remain aligned with God’s plan for them.

Hover then click on an image to see the team member’s role. They are available and excited to assist you in any way they can. Want a bit more information on our Youth Program? Here is a link that may help: More Information

You can also email them at for more information.

Youth Group Leader

Jennifer Logullo

The Youth Group Leader(s) in Haven seeks to provide opportunities and an environment for all youth to know Christ, to grow in their relationship to Him, to  serve God in their homes, schools and communities and to become powerful witnesses in the world.