Keith Edwards, Jr.

Keith Edwards, Jr.

The Worship Team leader is responsible for the audio visual team, the praise team, and the environment they provide for God’s message to reach those who engage in our services, whether in-person or virtually.

The purpose of the Facilities Trustees is to ensure effective management, security, and procurement of Haven’s physical assets & facilities. Specifically, Haven’s Facilities Trustees are responsible for managing all aspects of our church facility at 48 Flint Drive, North East, MD including;

  • Lease Management
  • Operations & Maintenance & Coordination and oversight
  • Asset Procurement management
  • Facility Access/Security control Trustees must be dedicated and willing to take accountability in the role.

Experience in facility management or construction is helpful, but not required to be on the team.

Nursery & Preschool
Bethany Sexton
Lead Pastor
Jack Cohen