App Installation Guide

App Installation Guide

Ready to Install Our New Mobile App??

The new mobile app is called Church Center, and is available for immediate download from the Apple and Google Play app stores. The app will be expanded overtime, but already includes on-line giving, live streaming of services, service archives, event registration, small groups, check-in capabilities, prayer requests, weekly announcements and prayer needs, church calendar, and more.

We provided links to the Google Play and Apple App Store below so you can download easily. Once you download the Church Center app follow the Installation Guide to make sure you are logged into your Haven profile. One other thing, our Church Center URL is in case you are using a web browser on your computer. Once connected you can manage your giving securely and conveniently using your iOS or Android smart device, as well as, via your web browser.

You will also see any donations you have made using Easytithe, PayPal, or via cash/check at church in the past. Oh, and if you choose to move your recurring donations from Easytithe to the Giving Module, make sure you stop the recurring donations in Easytithe first. It won’t stop unless you manually do it in Easytithe.

Questions or need help, contact Jim Forsman at

  1. Download the Church Center app from your smart devices app store,
  2. Launch the app,
  3. It will ask if you want to search by your location, select yes,
  4. A list of churches in our area will pop-up. Select our church (shown with logo).
  5. From there it will ask for your cell number, or give you the option to enter an email address. Make sure you use the one that is in your profile, so your information, including giving history, is available to you.
  6. It will send you a 6 digit code to verify your access. Enter the code and you should be good to go.
  1. Click your image, if you have one in your profile, or the people emoji  at the top right corner of your device,
  2. You will see a list of pop-out menus for your profile, giving, groups, and registrations,
  3. You can update certain elements of your profile, including adding a picture to your profile if you don't have one or want to change the one you have. Items with a lock icon require us to change, so just let us know.
  4. You will also see a list of members in your household in the My Household section, assuming you let us know who they are at some point,
    1. Again, you can update their profiles by selecting their profile from the pop-out menu.
    2. Just as with your profile, some elements are locked, and require us to change,
    3. If someone is missing from your household, let us know and we will add them.