Services by Pastor Jack Cohen (Page 36)

Services by Pastor Jack Cohen (Page 36)

When I Grow Up

In this second week of the Mirrors sermon series, we will look in the mirror at the areas where we haven’t grown up in our faith.

Looks are Deceptive

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Are you happy or sad, rested or excited? In this sermon series, Mirrors, we will look into several areas of self-evaluation when we look into the mirror to see those blemishes in our relationship with Christ.

Elephants & Skeletons

So often we sing, read scripture, hear a message; yet, still may be experiencing by juggling, hiding and ignoring the things that keep us from salvation & revival in a freeing relationship with Christ.

End of the World? Does it Matter?

In this second week of the Plastic Jesus sermon series, we will talk about should it matter if the end of the world comes for those who love Christ? And how does our Plastic Jesus fit into our End of the World Bucket Lists!
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