Services on 2 Corinthians (Page 2)

Services on 2 Corinthians (Page 2)

Transformed Strength

This week as we stare at the 4th of July, we look back at men and women who dedicated their lives to a cause greater than themselves. George Washington himself recognized this saying, “Make sure you are doing what God wants you to do–then do it with all your strength.” If we are not, we need to transformed strength.

Old Time Faith

In this second week of the series Old Time Religion, we will look at the old time faith and how some of the greatest hardships in life strengthens the relationship with Christ rather than divides or severs it.


In this sermon, we will talk about the masks we wear and how to remove them so that Christ can transform us.

Complete Sharing

In this sermon Pastor Jack shares his thoughts on these questions and why more than every we need to share the Good News of Christ.
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